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To innovate, companies must be willing to learn about new technologies and how they can be harnessed.

In 2011 VIASOFT e-Learning was launched, a distance education modality of Univiasoft (VIASOFT Corporate University), which combines teaching and technology with the convenience and practicality of the internet. The integration between the instructor and the student takes place through an LMS (Learning Management System), making the process more dynamic, practical and independent

Effective training

Through the VIASOFT e-Learning platform it is possible to monitor the frequency of access, progress and performance of company employees in each training.

Learning and innovation go hand in hand

There is no organizational learning without individual learning. To compete in an ever-changing marketplace your business needs an intelligent and adaptable workforce. Promote continuous professional training, developing skills in its employees, aligned with its strategic planning, ensuring sustainability in the market.

What customers say of VIASOFT training

The VIASOFT e-Learning is very good and very well thought out. Today our entire team is doing the training and the staff has been improving their routines. The most rewarding for us of Sollo Sul is the reflection on the quality of the work of our collaborators.

Douglas Werle
System Supervisor of Sollo Sul Insumos Agrícolas

The training we received during the implantation was very good, the consultant is very attentive, promptly answered all our difficulties. In addition, it is clear that she has mastery and much knowledge of the area.

Leonardo Moraes de Andrade
Security Technician at Arrozeira Pelotas Indústria E Comercio De Cereais Ltda.

The training environment surpassed our expectations, in addition to theoretical knowledge, we were instructed of the best practices to be adopted, and thus obtaining an effective learning.

Daniela Pereira da Silva
Systems Supervisor- Combustive Welp

In the VIASOFT online training I learned a lot! I find this way of learning interesting, it is economical and agile. In addition, each training addresses a small part of the solution which makes it possible to learn all the details and lessens the need to contact support. I think it's great!

Elenice Maria Rigo Dementovis
Financial Manager - Cooperativa Agropecuária Boa Esperancense

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