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It is so in agriculture, so it is in Roos

Seeds are the company’s raw material, founded in 1963. In addition, in its 50 years, it was the human and technological capital that transformed a small warehouse into the largest sowing company in the state and one of the largest in the country. With eleven units and the Administrative Center, Roos produces wheat and soybeans, as well as commercializing soybeans, wheat and corn. Serves the producer at all stages of cultivation, from planting to harvesting.

Solidity, efficiency and innovation

It was with a foundation of solidity, efficiency and innovation that the company grew and gained the trust of its professionals and partners. Today, they already cross borders, spreading across Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.

The company is distinguished by the quality of its products and services in the agribusiness market. It also brings the mark of its familiar roots, combining the tradition of the field with the new technologies, visualizing a horizon of continuous growth.


Problem to solve

Prior to counting on the VIASOFT AGROTITAN solution, the company had the need to improve reliability and security in organizational processes, many operations were resolved on a case by case basis with the system open for everyone to perform any type of operation.

Search for Innovation

It also needed innovation, new products to complement the work of the company such as shipping using control of camera and the portal of the producer, bringing reliability and transparency to the clients, becoming an aid to property management.


Competitive diferentials

Among them was the Seed Module, which provided greater coverage of seed processing operations, from commercial, laboratory, IST, shipping and loading. The Portal of electronic documents for the management of electronic documents issued by the company.

More Reliability

The cameras in the shipping process, generating more reliability and proof in the processes of entrance and exit. The Orion tool that assists in the demonstration of results and decision making with the presentation of important information and the CRM for more effectiveness of the sales team in customer service.

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