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The VIASOFT Ombudsman is an open channel for receiving and dealing with complaints, suggestions and compliments, dedicated exclusively to our customers.

All manifestos registered in the Ombudsman channel will be analyzed and forwarded to the responsible management areas, with follow-up of the resolution of the manifestations, especially those classified as complaints, in order to ensure a satisfactory return to the author of the manifest, allowing us to improve and evolve the practices employed in serving our customers.

Important: The Ombudsman channel is not open for handling operational doubts, contracting use licenses or any type of technical request (implementation / implementation). For these themes, you must use the channel Customer portal .

If you are not a customer or wish to report facts that may be at variance with the VIASOFT Corporate Conduct Manual, including anonymously, please refer to the Reporting Channel , which will safely and confidentially analyze your report.

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