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About Coprossel

27 years of history

Coprossel was founded in 1991 with 20 founding members and six collaborators, with its first president being Mr. Paulo Pinto de Oliveira Filho. In the following years, there was the admission of new associates, providing the increase in the reception of grains and supply of inputs, thus optimizing the structure of receiving, processing and Human Resources.
It has an installed storage capacity of 43.1 thousand tons, distributed in the units of Laranjeiras do Sul, Rio bonito do Iguaçu and Nova Laranjeiras. The cooperative also has a seed processing unit (UBS) with the capacity to produce 50 thousand bags of soybeans, 35 thousand of wheat and 10 thousand bags of beans.

Essential to the development of regional agriculture

Coprossel has become essential to the development of regional agriculture. In addition to attending its membership with technical assistance, supplies and inputs and commercialization of the production, it develops the diffusion of technology in soy, beans, wheat and triticale crops in partnership with Embrapa-Soja, Embrapa – wheat, Fundação Meridional and IAPAR.


Problem to solve

At first, all activities were carried out through manual processes, and in 1993 the company began working with a software in COBOL language, basic language oriented processing business data, which controlled basic functions

This scenario was maintained until 2009, when a number of new tax regulations emerged and the forecast of issuing electronic invoices. At this time, Coprosel had 127 members and was acting in a scenario of constant changes in legislation.

Strengthen credibility

There was also a constant need to strengthen the credibility and loyalty of the company with its customers, creating a competitive advantage, which made the software used far exceeded to meet the demand.

So, the leadership embraced the challenge of finding a solution in software specialized in the agricultural segment and with specific functionalities for Cooperatives and it was when, after much research the company started the partnership with VIASOFT!


Strategic partner

With the implementation of VIASOFT AGROTITAN already in 2009 the company started to have a software solution with more important functions than any other system, having a strategic partner with specific controls for its type of business, enabling negotiations that, without a solution the cooperative would not be able to effect.

Performance and agility

The company raised the performance and agility levels of the field teams and gained access to data on customer behavior, creating smart scheduling scripts, and establishing business rules.

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