VIASOFT VISION - Mapping Experiences

Mapping Experiences

VIASOFT VISION uses image recognition and IOT to analyze consumer behavior and demands. With the power of technology, it monitors the flow of customers and conversion rates, enhancing the shopping journey in physical retail.


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"I want to analyze customer traffic in my store with same accuracy that I analyze customer traffic on my social networks ”.

Accurate counts

Just as you count the likes of your posts, count how many people stop to look at your windows and how many enter your store.

Right measures

Measure the performance of advertising and teams, checking how many attracted by the windows came and bought, and how long they wait in the checkout line.

Defined locations

Track your store's hot spots, seeing which areas arouse interest in more customers and which ones stay the longest.

Opportunities detected

Knowing what attracts the most attention in your store, organize the items and position the teams in order to better interact with customers and sell more.
“I want more than a business feeling. For my marketing actions to have greater reach, i want insights provided by real metrics that until now only online retailers could have ”.

Data domain

The physical store now generates data such as access to e-commerce sites: count how many look at shop windows, how many enter the store and how long they stay.


To better serve peak times and eliminate queues, data is accounted for in real time and you can take immediate action.

Optimized layout

Time is money and space is also. Strategically place teams and items on a trail that engages customers and guides them to buy more.

Power of attraction

With data on the entire customer's purchase journey in your store, create much more impactful advertisements, and multiply your conversion rate.


See how the VIASOFT VISION implementation project works and how our expertise can help your company save time and money.

Customer service

Intelligent and determined people to help make our service the best in the market.


Learn everything you need to do better than your competitor.

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Practical and agile deployment

The implementation of the system is practical and agile. Companies do not need to hire an IT professional for this purpose. The support counts on serious, qualified and agile professionals, providing full support at any time.



Romeo birth

Support analyst

Satisfied customers

Mapping the customer experience is critical when it is important for them to feel good within the establishment. And generating an enriching experience for the customer is the right way to stimulate consumption. VIASOFT VISION not only generates data, it generates sales and satisfied customers.


Christiano Belli

Technical Director for IOT

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