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We were very pleased with the implementation from planning to final delivery. The on-site consultant, with whom we developed a friendship, ensured a smooth turnaround. VIASOFT PETROSHOW is a product that delivers what it promises, and with the joint efforts of this partnership, we are happy for the constant evolution. Their continuous monitoring and enormous willingness to help always guarantees us time and agility savings, and is a great differentiator for VIASOFT solutions.

Luan M. Cechin
Director - Turbo Diesel

The implementation was carried out simultaneously in the seven companies of the group and was very smooth. We have experienced and dedicated professionals who are always one step ahead to meet changes in legislation that impact on delivery time and compliance with tax obligations. The solution is simple and easy to work with and the support team is always very attentive, with professionals who have knowledge of the accounting and tax module and provide us with total security.

Inez Pacheco da Silva
Accountant - Jacuí Comércio e Transporte de Combustíveis Ltda

With the constant changes in the legislation, we need to gain in agility. The support team of the VIASOFT Tax System is efficient and skillful, always keeping up to date. We achieve virtually all solutions through online service, which provides us with speed and security of information to meet tax requirements.

Patricia Brizola Ponciano
Accountant - Panda Network

All the solution's routines collaborate with the company's management, but we can highlight the vehicle control that has had a great improvement. The financial part also stands out. In this regard, the solution we used previously was very vague, with some shortcomings. With VIASOFT everything is easier.

Adriana Casamali
Owner - TRR Kaninha

Having knowledge of all the modules really helped a lot in the implementation. This is because, when organizing the general schedule, it is possible to establish what the company's needs are, which streamlines the process.

Agenor Comparin Junior
Owner - Tour and TRR Comparin

The fiscal part of the solution goes beyond expectations, with consistency in information, ease and agility in the conference and integration with other modules. It was able to decentralize parts of service placement and today more employees have access to routines.

Wellington Almeida
IT Supervisor - TRR Lambari

VIASOFT came to improve and improve our day-to-day routines, both in the management, financial and accounting aspects, making the process more efficient and effective and optimizing our time. With that we were able to develop new routines. The solution brought more agility, making the company more efficient and effective.

Peterson do Lago
System Supervisor - DIAL - Distribution, Supply and Logistics

The Implementation team is efficient and qualified, they are experts in what they do and agile in the solutions of routines and setbacks of the company's day to day. Management, financial and legislative issues dominate, ensuring Pandolfi's administrative and tax area. In addition the professionals are prudent, we receive all the support before, during and after the implantation. This partnership only brought improvements and we recommend, without a doubt, the Technical Consultants in the system turns.

Juliano Machado
IT Technical Support - Pandolfi Combustíveis

Our company only won with the implementation of VIASOFT solutions. All routines have improved a lot, but what we noticed most were the gains in the part of orders and mobile sales that precede billing and allow us to have greater control over it.

Daniel Dagostim
Owner - Romano Diesel

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