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We have great confidence in VIASOFT solutions. We greatly appreciate the way consultants work in the field, which brings a differential of knowledge, offering a very efficient support. This has made us partners since January 2005.

Eduardo Martins
Industrial Manager of Martiaço

The administrative and support team counts on professionals who are serious, qualified and agile in the care, providing full support when we need them. VIASOFT solutions are highly flexible and suitable to the needs of the Kabel Group.

Valmir Roth
IT Manager of Kabel Ind. Com. Of Whips Elet. Ltda

The VIASOFT e-Learning training system was of fundamental importance in our company. The video class allowed a better vision of the operation of the solutions and a significant reduction in the implementation time and in the consulting hours, thus reducing our implementation costs.

Alexsandro Lopes
IT Manager - Relm Chatral Telecomunicacoes Ltda

A major advantage of VIASOFT is that it enables the traceability and flow of both raw materials and finished products. Our notes occur in a sectorized way, providing a high accuracy in the stock.

Thiago Stalke
Manager Adm. And Financeiro - Metalkraft S / A Sistemas Automotivos

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