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We approve the VIASOFT deployment methodology, since our goal of start was achieved without disturbances and without needing to stop the company.

Patrícia Viera
Administrative Director - Viera Agrocereais

The constant changes in the market forces us to be more and more efficient and effective in the decision making, and for this, we need a software solution that is highly agile, innovative and that gives us security. All these qualities are found in VIASOFT.

Carlos Vaccaro
Senior Director of Vaccaro Agronegócio

The setup was very transparent. We receive feedback from each step. Today, we feel that things are going well and that we can rely on VIASOFT to be our partner with its solutions. We are open to expressing our ideals, criticism and praise, which provides a development with a little DNA of our company, which by the way is very good, as we identify with the tool that we use in our day to day.

Andryus Cavalheiro
Systems Supervisor at Dental Med Sul

One of the main qualities of the VIASOFT is the attendance. Made via chat, phone and Skype for attendants that have always demonstrated an excellent knowledge, both the system and the business. Always fast and objective, making us very safe about this.

Fabio Martini Nunes
IT analyst - Simeira Group

Before counting on the solution, the company had to improve the reliability and security in the organizational processes. After the partnership with VIASOFT, we made a great leap and doubled the number of visits to customers, after starting to use the CRM tool.

Diego Schwalbert
IT Manager - Sementes Roos

For over seven years I have been working with VIASOFT TALENTRH solutions, I have only praise. The service is always very well done, regardless of the tool used in each contact: telephone, chat, Skype, among others. The team often comes in with training on both the solutions and the new demands, helping us a lot in this regard.

Nerli Pagani Morozini
Accounting Assistant at Angheben & Cia Ltda

The deployment was seamless and fast. The best practice a business can have is to provide competent people. We received a professional who knew what he was doing, had a perspective. Everyone involved had a goal to follow.

Sérgio Luiz Henke
Accountant - CERES TRR

We have been with VIASOFT since 1995. We were pioneers in the use of the solution. Our partnership has been evolving with new technologies and our growth, along with the growth of VIASOFT as a company, has brought many positive results to our success.

Elias Benato
Administrative Director of Grupo Turim

VIASOFT support is very helpful. The support analysts are well prepared, I note that they always seek to be up to date to meet the needs and demands that we have. When I ask for something that is not resolved immediately, they commit to giving me feedback and in fact always return me with a solution.

Arison Cardoso Santos da Silva
HR Analyst at Santa Rosa Agroindustrial Ltda

The VIASOFT e-Learning training system was of fundamental importance in our company. The video class allowed a better vision of the operation of the solutions and a significant reduction in the implementation time and in the consulting hours, thus reducing our implementation costs.

Alexsandro Lopes
IT Manager - Relm Chatral Telecomunicacoes Ltda

The VIASOFT has helped us in structuring and growing the company. Among its great advantages, I highlight the online information that leads to both the company's management and the field team, the measurement of numbers and results, as well as shows our client the summary of his experience with the company there, on his property.

Alex Orestes Novello
Director of SulBrasil Agro

The training we received during the implantation was very good, the consultant is very attentive, promptly answered all our difficulties. In addition, it is clear that she has mastery and much knowledge of the area.

Leonardo Moraes de Andrade
Security Technician at Arrozeira Pelotas Indústria E Comercio De Cereais Ltda.

A major advantage of VIASOFT is that it enables the traceability and flow of both raw materials and finished products. Our notes occur in a sectorized way, providing a high accuracy in the stock.

Thiago Stalke
Manager Adm. And Financeiro - Metalkraft S / A Sistemas Automotivos

We, at GIROAgro, believe that the partnership with VIASOFT will add so that the already projected challenges of growth of our company are consolidated.

Leonardo Sodré
Director of GIROAgro

I would like to congratulate VIASOFT for the e-Learning, a great tool that has helped me a lot. Through it I got to know the solution, even before implantation. When the deployment was completed, I and my team were already prepared to work. And to this day, he is very useful in the company, being essential in the training and qualification of new collaborators. It is an innovative and excellent tool!

Kelly Paula de Andrade
Director - Supermarket Services

With the VIASOFT deployment already in 2009, came the innovation of screens, menus and ease of control in a click. We have total control from the entrance of the product, with its shipment process, until the final commercialization. Our cooperative grew by 638%.

Edo Bugay
Administrative / Accounting Manager – Coprossel

The VIASOFT training environment helped us a lot before the implementation, because we were able to understand how the new processes would work. Not to mention that, even after the training, we can watch the videos again, if someone have any questions. So the new employee can start using the solution already knowing how it works. Practically and objectively, the new employee is already out using the tools. By being divided into modules and by area, the information becomes much clearer, making it easier to study each module and clarifying doubts more quickly.

Carina Beck Ribas Fedatto
Financial Manager - Hidroforma Metais e Revestimentos

We have been using the VIASOFT FISCO ACCOUNTING solution for 8 years and have followed its constant evolution. With the implementation of the fiscal module we improved our demonstrations. With the implementation of the accounting books, we have routines that help in training for the files, which greatly facilitates the work in the delivery of the auxiliary statements to the tax authorities. By importing notes via import files, we have reduced the need for adjustments or manual postings.

Ezekiel Dengo
Accountant of Coop. de Desenvolvimento e Produção Agropecuária

At VIASOFT support analysts have full knowledge of our company's routines, when there is a problem there is no need for much explanation, as they identify the error very fast and when the problem is more complex, the team of programmers quickly introduces us solutions.

Fábio Henrique Ramos Da Silva
IT Manager - Tosel Materiais de Construção

The main benefits of VIASOFT FISCO ACCOUNTING for our company are the reliability of the information generated, quick answers to the questions sent to the support and constant innovation in the process of accounting and tax accounting. With innovative features, the solution facilitates the day-to-day operation of the primary system operator to the highest level of accounting controller management.

Joseane Giasson
Accounting / Tax of Defaveri & Giasson Contabilidade Ltda

We have made several gains with VIASOFT. The store's sales process got faster. The financial area became more agile and secure with the automation of bank reconciliation, credit card and effective management of checks. In addition, we now have the issue of logistics resolved, meeting deadlines agreed with customers. And, as a manager, I have access to the key information from my store through my smartphone.

Eloi Hahn
Owner - GMAD Casa do MDF

VIASOFT FISCO ACCOUNTING provides our company with extreme agility in its services, whether remote, by telephone or chat, and assumes full responsibility and commitment to the tax authorities of each country. With easy access tools, VIASOFT is an innovative and constantly evolving company.

Jefferson R. Paganotto Xavier
Accountant of Marini Indústria de Compensados Ltda

I consider VIASOFT's excellent support to be one of its differentials. The doubts during the setup were few due to the good work done by the team. And if we have any questions during the routines, this is resolved on time online.

Roseli Negrão
Administrator - Jawal Materiais de Construção

Through eLearning VIASOFT FISCO ACCOUNTING I was able to better understand all the functionalities of the solution and analyze how each can meet the needs of the company. Watching the recordings, I got a higher vision and question more specific points. The best thing is that videos are always available so you can review them as many times as necessary.

Erica Elaine Dos Santos
Counters of Com and Trans. De Frutas Primalta Ltda

The implementation of VIASOFT was extremely easy. We have received special attention since the days before the “day zero”, with the registration of the index and other necessary information. We had the company of an excellent Technical Consultant who was very important for our training. I recommend everyone to use the Technical Advisor at the turn of the system.

Alexandre Neves Trichez
Director – Compecril

The implementation of the system was very transparent. We get feedback from everything that happens. We feel that things are going well and that we can count on VIASOFT to be our partner with its solutions. We feel a greater openness to express our ideals, criticism and praise, which provides a development of the software with a little DNA of our company, which by the way is very good, because we identify with the tool that we use in our day to day.

Andryus Cavalheiro
Systems Supervisor - Dental Med Sul

VIASOFT is streamlining our processes, reducing time and costs in certain operations. One of the main solutions is the mobile sale, which anticipates situations and generates more agility in the issuance of NF.

Alessandro de Souza
IT supervisor of Friolack

The training environment surpassed our expectations, in addition to theoretical knowledge, we were instructed of the best practices to be adopted, and thus obtaining an effective learning.

Daniela Pereira da Silva
Systems Supervisor- Combustive Welp

I have been working with VIASOFT solutions for over seven years now and have only praise. The service is always very well done independent of the tool used in each contact: telephone, chat, Skype, among others. VIASOFT is frequently carrying out training in both the Solutions and the new demands, helping us a lot in this face.

Nerli Pagani Morozini
Accounting Assistant - Angheben & Cia Ltda.

Before using VIASOFT solutions we did everything manually. Its implementation has changed the way water works for wine. All transmissions are now automatic. It assists us in the FGTS, INSS calculations and we still have access to a number of reports that help us identify conference errors in a short time. I also highlight the excellent service, which solves our problems on time or in the shortest possible time.

Odair Motta
Cerpa HR Manager of Cooperativa de Infraestrutura e Eletrificação Rural de Palotina

With VIASOFT solutions we gain agility in the processes and decision making, mainly in the verification of the results. We are always one step ahead!

José Hara
Director - Agro Hara Group

The solution VIASOFT is a tool that is helping a lot in the management and processes of Agricola MK. Among the main highlights are the application to take the orders in the field and the accounting platform! We are very satisfied and recommend the solution!

Edson M. Suguiura
Commercial Director - Agricola MK Ltda.

We fully utilize VIASOFT TALENTRH that helps us a lot in the monthly calculations, vacations or any report that we need to generate. It is intuitive, self-explanatory and all new employees have very easy to adapt to their use.

Marcelo Dresch
Personal Department Manager at Estrela Indústria de Papel Ltda

Our company only won with the implementation of VIASOFT solutions. All the routines have improved a lot in their day to day, but what we perceive more were the gains in the part of orders and the mobile sales, that precede the billing and allows us to have greater control over it.

Daniel Dagostim
Owner - Romano Diesel

The deadlines proposed at the beginning of the project were respected, giving safety and transparency to our company.

Roni Sales
Administrative Manager of MK Agrícola

VIASOFT is a complete solution. Among the routines, I highlight the calculation of the retroactive salary when there is adjustment in the convention. What would be a manual work, with calculations of overtime and absences, it delivers ready, without errors.

Suzana Zatt
HR Analyst at Turim Insumos e Cereais

We have great confidence in VIASOFT solutions. We greatly appreciate the way consultants work in the field, which brings a differential of knowledge, offering a very efficient support. This has made us partners since January 2005.

Eduardo Martins
Industrial Manager of Martiaço

VIASOFT solutions simplify our work routine, as it is a solution totally dedicated to our company. The managerial, financial and commercial processes are more simplified with no need for customization and adaptation and the service exceeds expectations.

Marcos Medeiros Filho
Manager of Cerealista Medeiros

We rely on the VIASOFT solutions to generate about 1,300 sheets with more agility and mainly giving us support in the assurance that the calculations are correct.

Donizete Aparecido de Sena
Responsible for the Personal Department of the Fênix Assessoria Contábil

In the VIASOFT online training I learned a lot! I find this way of learning interesting, it is economical and agile. In addition, each training addresses a small part of the solution which makes it possible to learn all the details and lessens the need to contact support. I think it's great!

Elenice Maria Rigo Dementovis
Financial Manager - Cooperativa Agropecuária Boa Esperancense

The VIASOFT e-Learning is very good and very well thought out. Today our entire team is doing the training and the staff has been improving their routines. The most rewarding for us of Sollo Sul is the reflection on the quality of the work of our collaborators.

Douglas Werle
System Supervisor of Sollo Sul Insumos Agrícolas

The VIASOFT payroll module provides increased productivity with the quality of information. It is an excellent tool, all parameterized, correctly setting the export to the accounting. In addition, the service team has proved capable and flexible to meet our requirements, with a high level of professionalism and availability. We have a complete, intuitive, beautiful and reliable solution, a tool that every user likes to use. I recommend!

Ana Claudia Dos Santos
HR Analyst at Coop Development E Prod Agrop - Codepa

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