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We believe in the infinite potential of companies! Imagining where they can reach and transforming everything around them, if they are not alone, is what fascinates us, encourages us with ideas and moves us to create solutions.

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Gain scale and operational efficiency

Optimize the personal department with a solution capable of supporting all the fundamental processes of your company in an integrated manner and with great ease of use. Reduce waste and rework with VIASOFT TALENTRH solutions.

Enchant and empower your employees

Leverage your skills, personal skills and develop a growth perspective for your employees. VIASOFT TALENTRH solutions assist in the implementation of organizational policies focused on human talents and results.


Decide with flexibility, security and speed

Combine the power of business data analysis with mobile technology to leverage your business expertise and make better decisions, in real time. Total control of approval levels on a screen, in the palm of your hand. Choose what you want to know first and activate Alerts to receive push notifications on your watch (smartwatch) or smartphone.


Transform people's experience

Have a modern and easy-to-use digital platform in your company, ensuring more efficient communication, clear policies, engagement, agility, efficiency and increased performance of your team.


Discover the talents that enhance your business

Assemble talented teams that are in tune not only with a vacancy, but with the ideals of the company. Decrease turnover and strengthen your organization's good image (employer branding).


Praised by users

In VIASOFT TALENTRH online training I learned a lot! I find this way of learning interesting, it is economical and agile. In addition, each training covers a small part of the solution which makes it possible to learn all the details and reduces the need to contact support. I think it's great!

Elenice Maria Rigo Dementovis
Financial Manager - Cooperativa Agropecuária Boa Esperancense

I have been working with VIASOFT TALENTRH solutions for more than seven years, I only have compliments. The service is always very well done, regardless of the tool used in each contact: phone, chat, Skype, among others. The team has frequently been conducting training, both on solutions and new requirements, helping us a lot in this regard.

Nerli Pagani Morozini
Accounting Assistant at Angheben & Cia Ltda

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      If you are already a customer and are looking for service, please click here.

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