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Agile deployment

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VIASOFT Methodology

Our extensive experience has allowed us to develop our own methodology for implantation ERP, called EAP VIASOFT (Analytical Structure of VIASOFT Projects), which makes each project simpler, more transparent and efficient.

Planning, organization and control

The VIASOFT methodology prevents the implementation projects from starting from scratch, saving the customer time and money. This is because there is a complete VIASOFT EAP for each type of business, which lists all the activities that must be contemplated in a deployment project. These activities are ordered in a logical sequence, divided into task packages by area, sector, department and organizational level.

How Deployment
VIASOFT happens


When registering a new project on the EAS VIASOFT Platform, the deployment consultant informs the business developed by the new client. The Platform searches in its database the list of tasks that must be completed for the respective business of the client. Each task is self-explanatory and contains the estimated time to completion.

Execution and validation

The deployment consultant, in conjunction with the client's deployment committee, defines those responsible for each area, and they define which tasks will be covered and who will be the executors and validators of each one.

Transparency and efficiency

The progress of the different stages can be visualized through a Gantt chart, available to everyone involved in the
VIASOFT EAP platform.

What customers say about
Viasoft Deployment

VIASOFT has been surprising us day by day, offering a good and updated system with the demands of the market. In addition, it always remains very focused on the customer, which proves the professionalism of the entire team.

James Czluchas
Human Resources Manager - Dental Med Sul

We were very pleased with the implementation from planning to final delivery. The on-site consultant, with whom we developed a friendship, ensured a smooth turnaround. VIASOFT PETROSHOW is a product that delivers what it promises, and with the joint efforts of this partnership, we are happy for the constant evolution. Their continuous monitoring and enormous willingness to help always guarantees us time and agility savings, and is a great differentiator for VIASOFT solutions.

Luan M. Cechin
Director - Turbo Diesel

The deadlines proposed at the beginning of the project were respected, providing security and transparency for our company.

Roni Sales
Administrative Manager - MK Agrícola

We analyzed several systems for our company, but our option was for VIASOFT because it is a modern, innovative and extremely flexible product. The implementation process was fast and strictly within the planned schedule.

Marcos Metzger
General Director - Logistock Logística e Serviços LTDA

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