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Deployment VIASOFT

Our extensive experience has enabled us to develop our own ERP set up methodology, called PAF VIASOFT (VIASOFT Project Analytical Framework), which makes each project simpler, more transparent and more efficient.

Planning, organization and control

The VIASOFTmethodology prevents deployment projects from starting from scratch, saving time and money for the customer. This is because there is a complete PAF VIASOFT for each type of business, which lists all the activities that should be contemplated in a set up project. These activities are ordered in a logical sequence, divided into task packages by area, sector, department and organizational level.

set up happens


By registering a new project on the PAF VIASOFT Platform, the Implantation Consultant informs the business developed by the new client. The Platform searches in its database the list of tasks that must be completed for the respective client’s business. Each task is self-explanatory and contains the estimated time to completion.

Execution and validation

The Implantation consultant, together with the client set up committee, defines those responsible for each area, and defines which tasks will be covered and who will be the executors and validators of each.

Transparency and efficiency

The progress of the different steps can be visualized through a Gantt chart, available to all involved in the PAF VIASOFT Platform.

What customers say of
VIASOFT set up

The implementation of VIASOFT was extremely easy. We have received special attention since the days before the “day zero”, with the registration of the index and other necessary information. We had the company of an excellent Technical Consultant who was very important for our training. I recommend everyone to use the Technical Advisor at the turn of the system.

Alexandre Neves Trichez
Director – Compecril

We approve the VIASOFT deployment methodology, since our goal of start was achieved without disturbances and without needing to stop the company.

Patrícia Viera
Administrative Director - Viera Agrocereais

The deadlines proposed at the beginning of the project were respected, giving safety and transparency to our company.

Roni Sales
Administrative Manager of MK Agrícola

Before using VIASOFT solutions we did everything manually. Its implementation has changed the way water works for wine. All transmissions are now automatic. It assists us in the FGTS, INSS calculations and we still have access to a number of reports that help us identify conference errors in a short time. I also highlight the excellent service, which solves our problems on time or in the shortest possible time.

Odair Motta
Cerpa HR Manager of Cooperativa de Infraestrutura e Eletrificação Rural de Palotina

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