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The amount of information and data currently available is very vast, which is why it is essential to have a specialized tool so that management reports are accurate and your strategies more assertive within the supermarket.

Having a specialized solution is what makes all the difference when interpreting a large amount of data, since this is done in an automated way to enhance management and bring more results.

Read on to learn more about how management reporting can transform your management into something unique and optimized.


The role of management reports in optimized management


As documents that centralize the necessary and useful information so that managers can plan and develop strategies with more certainty of results, management reports are essential so that the improvements implemented and the cuts made are made with assertiveness.

Basically, management reports portray an overview of the company's situation, considering indicators such as growth, performance and many others.


It is possible to separate the reports into 5 types, namely:


Analytics: They present detailed information about your supermarket, including several areas to provide a complete diagnosis of the operation.

Performance: Monitoring the growth and development of the business makes all the difference for a more accurate decision-making, in this sense, the performance report provides information about the entire business growth, especially the team.

Satisfaction: Understanding your consumer's profile is a basic premise that every manager needs to guide their strategies. In this sense, the satisfaction reports reveal the perception of both consumers and employees, quantifying it in satisfaction indices.

Control: Control reports, as the name implies, are intended to monitor your supermarket's daily operational activities, such as inventory.

Financial: Finally, perhaps one of the most important reports, financials demonstrate control of transactions, investment, profitability, costs, accounts payable and receivable. In other words, an essential part of effective management.


How to take advantage of technology in management reporting?


The actions of a manager, within the retail, need to be taken based on accurate data and issued daily. In other words, having a specialized management system that integrates these areas makes all the difference.

Software that centralizes information from all departments, in addition to monitoring data with excellence every day, they are a great asset in data-driven management, in addition to promoting more security for your information.


Viasoft Viasuper the right software for supermarket management


Oriented to the best management practices, the Viasoft Viasuper is the reference software to make your management more optimized and your results more assertive.

Have, in your hands, more optimized data and reports so that decision making is more assertive, focused on the growth of your business.

Contact us and learn more about the power that Viasoft Viasuper offers for your management.


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