Viasoft Analytics: intelligent data analysis for your business to evolve


Viasoft Analytics is the way
for you to achieve power and
assertiveness in management


Drive a culture of results through Business Intelligence

View dashboards with your business data illustrated in a clear and didactic way, according to the specific needs of each area. Enable the empowerment of your management by achieving transparency of operations, processes, actions and strategies.

Transform your data
in support of their
sales and goals

Have in hand what your business needs
to grow according to the goals and
objectives set, without limitations or
hidden information in the sales area.

Ensure more than the transparency of
your actions: generate new opportunities to
from analysis and complete panels,
conquering cash management.


See what was sold against the goal,
the average ticket, the best selling product and
do the individual analysis of each seller
with all the information about the


View the value by economic group, nature and concept along with comparative graphs that consider detailed information and the previous year.


Access the best sellers, total values, filter by brand, line or group and have a panel with complete information about the ABC curve and another for decomposed analysis.

Comparative Analysis

Have detailed analyzes with the possibility of crossing data and gain a 360º view of the past, present and future of your sales and goals.

Use the power of analysis
of data to elevate the
your HR performance

Direct your team to a culture of results.
Potentialize the sector's performance and, consequently,
those of employees, engaging and conquering new
talent while increasing satisfaction and productivity
of the team as a whole.

Viasoft Analytics HR Analysis allows you to
identify team gaps, target high
performance according to specific needs
identified and still carry out the HR operations in a
assertive and agile.


Filter hires by type, sex, function with graph of monthly history and comparative to the previous year.


Have the possibility to filter terminations by sex, function, initiative (company or employee) and graph of the relationship between the location and reason for termination.

Salary Analysis

Promptly access the total cost of wages, average wages, measured by function, education level, age and other filtering options.

Payroll Cost

View the total cost of the payroll with filtering and data crossing options along with the analysis of tables with the events of the payroll.

Take intelligence and
assertiveness for
management of your stock

Have a broad and in-depth view of the
your operations, optimizing your sales from
intelligent and accurate inventory management.

The Inventory Analysis dashboard offers your
business the possibility of boosting its
profitability by keeping your business healthy,
without excesses or shortages of products, saving and
leveraging its resources.

ABC Analysis

Filter the data in general or according to the curve of interest, along with graphs about the classification and the Top 1000 products.

Analysis by Period

See data by brand, group and graphs for comparison of variation, previous year vs. current year and purchases vs. sales vs. stock.

Operational Cycle

Monitor and manage inventory by promptly viewing the average inventory term, turnover, the cycle per day, the average payment and receipt period, in addition to the financial cycle.

Detailed analysis

Get quick access to the main elements regarding inventory: costs by brand, group, product and details of each cost component.

Find the answers and
the managerial power that
before they were hidden

Centralize the financer's actions to conquer
strategic management of the sector based on
data strengthened by business intelligence.

Cash Flow Analysis simplifies access
essential information for good management,
giving you high management power
even with the expansion of your business.

Budgeted vs. Accomplished

Examine the total amounts of income and expenses against what was budgeted. By graphs, you can view information and more fixed and variable expenses.

Bills to receive

View accounts receivable in monetary terms by concept, analytically, by person or by year and month.

Bills to pay

Through Accounts Payable and Accounts Payable Overdue, see the expired exits and exits filtering according to your needs: concept, analytics, economic group, period and more.

Financial Cycle

Have complete data on deadlines, inventory turnover, operating cycle and detailed comparative analysis on your Cash Flow.

Add value to your
resources with a management
efficient shopping

Make a complete, safe and effective management of your
resources by relying on up-to-date data and
about your purchases.

Guide your business through Purchasing Analysis,
grounding strategies with your data from
of business intelligence. Make comparisons,
visualize long, medium and short term and other
dozens of possibilities.


Have indicators always up to date on your resources, promptly visualizing what was budgeted vs. purchased and other important analyzes.

ABC Analysis

View the ABC curve of products and suppliers, being able to filter by categories A, B or C with details about each one.

Comparative Analysis

See the evolution through comparative analyzes of the previous year, with the possibility of crossing data and projections.

Pending Purchase Orders

Access your pending orders through a single panel, as well as values ​​and other information for management transparency.

Gain information
recorded accounts
and organized to
accessible data

Enjoy organization even with a
large volume of information generated by
accounting operations.

Accounting Analysis turns everything into data
so that you have a complete view there
only from accounting, but with insights into
the other areas. Perform efficient and
complete information on capital and profitability.


See the budgeted DRE vs. realized, net income in monetary value, net margin in percentage, operating margin, EBITDA, net revenue and total expenses.

Dynamic Analysis
of Working Capital

View the total, working capital requirements, treasury balance, comparative charts and monthly histories.


Analyze the insolvency ratio, return on equity, general liquidity, drought and current, debt ratio and comparative graphs crossing these data.

Balance Sheet Analysis

Have the Balance Sheet in a comparative way, with presentation of the vertical and horizontal analysis with Drill Down option for year, semester, quarter and month.


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