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It all began in 1956, when Augustus and Ignês Vaccaro, along with Giacomo Zaffari and Carmela Vaccaro Zaffari, started a small dry and wet trade in the municipality of Benjamin Constant do Sul-RS. In 1960, after a corporate split, Augusto and Ignês, along with the children, take over the company and acquire the first truck.

Already in 1970, the headquarters of the company was transferred to the city of São Valentim-RS, where the first unit of grain reception was built. In the same year the operations in the branch of supermarket and confections begin. In 1980 it expanded to the construction materials and agricultural inputs sector.

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Investing to improve customer service and satisfaction and with great potential for expansion, in 2016 the Vaccaro Group expanded the service area with the inauguration of Vaccaro Derivados Vegetais, one of the most modern industries in the extrusion segment, which brings a new concept in nutrition for poultry, pigs and cattle.


In recent years, Vaccaro Agronegócios has grown considerably and with this it felt the need to redefine some processes and seek improvements in internal operation and customer service. With VIASOFT AGROTIAN, the company gained greater security and started to define customized permissions for users.

In addition to online tools, issuing requests and releases. Already for the financial sector, the company started to have higher interest and discount management, as well as segment customers by class, with all the information in real time.


Vaccaro has gained agility in the processes. An example of this is in the mobile tool that provided convenience to the team that has access to all data through a cellular device, facilitating the issuance of invoices, order releases, cereal billing, among others.

The field technical team, through CRM MOBILE, began issuing orders wherever it is, along with the customer itself, obtaining greater agility in billing.

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